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Ayumi Hamasaki Graphics
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Ayumi Graphics is a community for all fans of Ayumi Hamasaki who like to design graphics.

The graphics can only be viewed by the members. Membership is open to anyone at the moment but as soon as the number of members increases or someone takes graphics without crediting, membership will be moderated.

We have contests on a monthly basis, all with a special theme. The theme will be announced at the beginning of the month along with a deadline. The entires must arrive until the day of the deadline otherwise the entry doesn't count. You can submit one graphic for each category. The categories are as follows

LJ Icons/Avatars
Free Style

Winners are selected by the community members.

If you have ideas concerning new contest categories or suggestions for contest themes, post them in the community.

If you want others aside from the members at ayumi_graphics to use your creations, feel free to upload them to Reflections which has a graphics section.